“I believe in the truth, and I believe in saying what you think. Why not? Do you have to go around whispering all the time or playing a game with people? I just don’t believe in that. So I’m not the most adored person on the face of the earth. You have to know this. There are a lot of people who don’t like me at all, I’m very sure of that. But I wasn’t put on earth to be liked. I have my own reasons for being and my own sense of what is important and what isn’t, and I’m not going to change that.”
Lauren Bacall

«Hey you! What ya doing’ over there?
I can see what’s on your mind is on my mind too
Hey you! What ya doing over there?
I can see what’s on your mind is on my mind too
Staying out late, gonna get drunk
Take me to the Ratcliff’s Hollow and sippy up a drink
Swing ya hips like a cowgirl
Oh, put them shooters up
Got them stars on your heels
Ain’t nothing else could matter for now, girl
Hmm, rosie on the cheek, you’re makin’ me blush
Your whispers follow me home as she leans across
But shake a little salt and pepper and we’ll float back to yours»
-Dope Lemon,  Hey You
Emoción: síntesis de una sensación confusa
Iria Lamas es actriz y comparte emociones a través de Stracciatella Teatro